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"Maroon Five" takes Beach JA's 2nd place award.

Jon Covington’s BEACH JA soccer team of 13+ boys took second place this weekend to finish the season. It was Covington’s second year coaching the 13+ division and the league’s first year of issuing final competitive standings. Covington has been a coach for BEACH JA in both the soccer and baseball programs for 10 years. He says ‘that’s one of the great things with Homeschooling in Hampton Roads. We’ve got great kids and great parents and there are enough families that allow us the opportunity to provide a sports program for the Homeschool community.’

The Covington’s homeschool all four of their children and all participate in the BEACH JA programs. To summarize his season, Covington says that ‘I was so excited for my boys to come out, play hard, and be rewarded for their efforts. Every year just seems to get better. It’s fantastic to see these young men develop their skills and learn to enjoy the life lessons that soccer and all sports provide.’
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